About Monange

For over 47 years, Monange is a symbol of feminine care in Brazil. Our main concern is to understand the Brazilian woman so we can offer products that will make a difference in the life of our consumers, bringing what is best in hydration. Monange was launched in 1966 with our famous moisturizers. As the success of our products grew, in 2008 we launched roll-on, spray and aerosol deodorants. At last, in 2009, we completed our portfolio by launching our hair treatment products, being one of the most complete brands dedicated on women's care.

To follow the evolution of women’s best interests, in 2013, we completely re-launched our product line. A total of 65 hair treatment, deodorant and body products, to cater all types of women's needs. With sophisticated and practical packs, functional ingredients and innovative benefits such as “Nutraskin”: hydrate up to 2ᵃ layer of skin, we completely refreshed our brand.

Monage’s owner Hypermarcas is the largest Brazilian company of branded health and well-being products, with solid presence in the Drug, Health, Beauty and Personal Care segments. The company owns a complete portfolio of products and brands, which was built after several successful acquisitions, product launches and intense marketing and innovation work. The company is organized into two business units: Pharma, which concentrates activities related to the pharmaceutical sector, and Consumer, which focuses on the Beauty and Personal Care markets. The Pharma division owns one of the most complete portfolios of products in Brazil, with solid presence in the main pharmaceutical segments in the country and leadership in over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and branded generics, in addition to rising market share in generics, as well as relevant positioning in prescription drugs. The main brands in the division include Addera D3, Alivium, Benegrip, Biotônico Fontoura, Doril, Engov, Epocler, Histamin, Lisador, Polaramine, Predsim, Rinosoro, Torsilax and Neo Química. The Consumer division owns well-established brands, mostly leaders or second place in the national market, such as Bozzano, Finn, Jontex, Monange, Olla, Paixão, Risqué and Zero-Cal, among others, in high-growth potential categories.